Mainosa! Tunakula! Let’s Eat!

The rough draft of the Swahili adaptation / translation of our Enkinosata Ororei le Nkai (“Eating the Word of God”) curriculum has been finished.  On February 16th, I went to Narok to meet with our editorial committee.  We were able to work through a number of important issues.  I am particularly excited because the adaptation of this project was begun at the initiative of the leaders of our CCC congregation in Narok town.  It is also wonderful that my five christian brothers working on this with me represent four different tribes (Maasai, Kisii, Kamba, Meru).

Let's eat the Word of God -- in any language!

L-R: Joshua, David Kamunyu (Meru), Matthew Ngomo (Kamba), Daniel ole Denkel (Maasai), Samson ole Dikirr (Maasai). Not pictured (taking the picture): Elijah Ombati (Kisii)

This curriculum has not yet been taught in the Narok congregation because, being a multi-tribal congregation, Swahili is usually used rather than Maa.  But as they have gone through the material, this group of leaders has been greatly encouraged by it and are excited about the potential it has to make a great impact on the maturity and growth of the church.  This is especially true as the CCC is expanding across tribal boundaries.  So, let’s eat!  (Mainosa – “let’s eat” in Maa; Tunakula – “we eat” in Swahili)

Speaking of eating, Alitzah and Hannah Gail really wanted to come with me on this trip.  While I was in this meeting, they were at the Ombatis’ house playing with their two daughters.  After the meeting, they ran errands around town with me.  (One of those errands involved making arrangements with a brand new christian bookshop to distribute our Maa language materials.)  At the end of a long day, they were very hungry and happy for me to take them out for a Daddy-Daughters date at their favorite “hoteli” – Kim’s Dishes – for some traditional Kenyan fare.