blooming desert

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Our teammates Gene & Melba Morden are serving among the Turkana.  A major part of their church planting ministry is providing clean water and and irrigated garden plots for the Turkana churches.  (These are sustainable projects, and do NOT result in the dry, broken and abandoned wells left scattered across Africa by well-meaning, but not well-thinking, groups.)

As a result of the work of the Mordens and their teammates (past and present), the Turkana desert is blooming … both in garden plots and in the hearts of Turkana communities as Christ is proclaimed.

In October 2011, Gene agreed to take the TBTI students on a field trip to see the verdant garden plots.  I used the lessons as a metaphor for what the coming of Jesus does for human hearts and communities in the “Missions & Evangelism” class I was teaching.

Take a look at christian stewardship of the land in practice: