Art: November 2012

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Getting to be a homeschool art teacher is a bonus and painting days are enjoyed by all.  This month we had the second annual Barron family thanksgiving tablecloth painting.  We may not have fall leaves here, but our tablecloth does.

(Click on an image to see it in a larger scale.)

Alitzah and Hannah Gail (with Joshua in the second one):

Alitzah and Hannah Gail   Alitzah, Joshua, Hannah Gail

 Zerachiah and Ruth:

Zerachiah and Ruth    Zerachiah and Ruth

At first only Alitzah helped us paint leaves while the others (well, except for Ahaviah) painted this picture.  Eliana (5) painted the panel on the left, Hannah Gail (7) the panel in the center, and Zerachiah (2) the one on the right.  Eliana painted the step-sister, Cinderella, and the prince.

Of course, not all of the paint stayed on the table cloth or paper!  That’s why, of course, they have paint clothes for these days.  Eliana had already changed out of her paint dress (and then went back to paint some more) before we could take these pictures.

paint girls    Eliana

Alitzah     Hannah Gail    Eliana with Ahaviah

Okay, Ahaviah didn’t paint.  But I didn’t want to make anyone mad by failing to post at least one picture of her.  You can see that Eliana is excited about having a baby in the house!  This picture was taken a few days before our paint day.

And finally, the masterpiece …

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

As you can see by the mass of purple blossoms (Agapanthus or “African Lily” — upon whose nectar sunbirds feed), November is Spring on our side of the equator.

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