in memoriam

In a year full of losses for so many of us, I have just learned of another loss.

Matthew Ngomo was a man of God, an elder of the Narok Community Christian Church, a faithful partner in Nasha Ministries (run by Elijah & Ellen Ombati), and a friend.  He was also part of the translation team that adapted our Enkinosata Ororei Le Nkai (“Eating the Word of God”) book from Maa into Swahili.

He has run his race and completed his course, crossing the finish line in victory.  He will be missed — by us, but especially by his surviving family, the mamas served by Nasha Ministries, and by the Narok and London CCC congregations.

We mourn, but we do not mourn as those who are without hope.  Matthew Ngomo, our brother, may your memory be eternal until you rise again on the last day to meet your Lord and Savior face-to-face!

(with thanks to Ellen Ombati for the picture)  

2 thoughts on “in memoriam

  1. was a loving husband to Rachel Musuanii.
    loving Dad to Allan and Imelda.
    Keeping the faith to unite in ressurection

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