Sunday School Training Seminar (1 October 2011)

White River Christian Church (Noblesville, IN) hosted a sunday school teachers’ training seminar.  We planned it, but Kim Scotland (the white lady in a yellow shirt) and Michelle Foster (not pictured) from White River taught it for us.  They did a wonderful job.  May the Lord cause the seeds they planted to grow!

(The other white ladies pictured are Ruth and our friend and co-worker Ellen Ombati.)

Our idea was to give these teachers (from one town, one city, one slum and four rural congregations) an opportunity to be taught as children themselves.  Then, having experienced a more story- and sense-based method of teaching, they will perhaps be better equipped to reach the children in their own ministries.  The teachers came from six of Kenya’s tribes:  Maasai, Luhyia, Kisii, Kamba, Kikuyu, Kalenjin.  What a beautiful picture of Christian unity!



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