Unhindered Disciple-making

Christ’s Kingdom in Kenya is continuing to expand and deepen in so many exciting ways!  …  Since our last newsletter, we have witnessed baptisms, heard of many other baptisms and new church plants by our national co-workers, planted two new branches of our Community Christian Bible Training Institute (CCBTI), and have our Discipleship Training Institute (DTI) on track to have two sessions this year instead of just one.

Our missionary team has grown during this term — we are now twelve adults and twelve children.  As part of this time of growth, we have been working on developing a new vision and strategy.  Our team vision is simple — unhindered disciple-making.  To read more, including about these pictures, here is a pdf version of our latest newsletter.

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chewin’ the news

What’s not to smile about?

For some of our latest news, please read our October newsletter (.pdf format, with more pictures).

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Calvince Ochieng, elder of the CCC congregation in the Raila community in the Kibera slum, with a copy of “Kujilisha” (at our home in Matasia)

2014 Ministry Update

We missionaries are often asked to describe our typical day.  That may be the hardest question we’re ever asked.    We tend to have multiple responsibilities in multiple locations and vocational ministry can be full of surprises. But we do understand why the question is asked.  So since it has been awhile since we’ve shared a general ministry summary about our day-to-day and month-to-month work, we thought it might be helpful to some of you for us to do that.  So if you’re interested, please read our update here.

Discipleship Training School reborn

DTS baptism

One of many baptisms that came about from the ministry of the DTS students this year.

Emaisisi Olaitoriani lang!
“Let us all praise our Lord together!”

We have some wonderful news to share with you about the ministry among the Maasai, especially concerning the Discipleship Training School (DTS).  Read the full update here.  We are also in the process of putting together a website just for the DTS.  We will let you know when that is available.

(If you prefer a “reader’s digest” version, a shorter DTS update is also available.)

Joshua teaching at DTS

Joshua teaching at DTS

Or, if you prefer, the “reader’s digest” version is available here.

If you are interested in partnering with the DTS, visit cmfi.org/jrbarron to learn more.


August update

TBTI class, May 2012: morning worshipThe power of stories, a TBTI course, a Story-telling workshop, a new church plant & baptisms …

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The picture is of part of the TBTI class in May 2012. Each morning we started with worship. For some reason or another I couldn’t add a caption today.  Visit our Video page for a clip of this worship.

2011 church growth

In 2011, there were 38 new churches planted in the CCC.

There were 23 congregations planted in Maasai land (including two, I believe, in a tribally mixed area).
There were 13 congregations in Turkana land.
There was 1 new congregation planted in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.
There was 1 new congregation planted in Samburu land.

The growth in Turkana land is particularly encouraging.  In addition to the 13 new churches, there were baptisms of 1,026 new Turkana believers.

Meisisi Olaitoriani!  Kuperoi Ekapolon!  Bwana Safiwe!
(“May the Lord be praised / Praise the Lord” in Maa, Nga Turkana, Kiswahili)

One of thirteen baptisms in March 2011, part of a new church plant in Changamwe, just outside Mombasa on the coast; pictured are pastor Moses, new believer Rana, and our teammate Joe Cluff


New Birth

death: crucified and buried with Jesus

At church today we had seven baptisms.  While the new beginning and new birth of baptism is always exciting, this baptismal service was particularly special, for two reasons.  First of all, there were four different tribal groups represented:  Maasai, Kikuyu,  Luyha, Kisii.  What a wonderful foretaste of heaven!  Just three years ago, Narok was on the brink of a couple of months of terrible inter-tribal violence during the post-election crisis in 2007-08.  Today, at least in this place, representatives of enemy tribes have been brought together in Christ.

new birth: raised to walk in the resurrection life of Christ our Lord

Secondly, all of those baptized were youth between the ages of 15-18.  And I think without exception these youth came from member families.  While it is always delightful to witness the coming to Christ of people from completely outside the Church, we have often seen faithful believers mourn that their children are not choosing to become followers of the Way.  What a blessing when parents are able to share the good news with their children!

Of course, we must remember that as with all life, the birth is just the beginning.  Pray that these new believers will grow into mature disciples of our Lord.

Where in the World are the Barrons?

We have NOT just returned to Kenya …

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When people are interested in learning about our life as missionaries, my favorite question is “Describe a typical day.”  That request always makes me smile, because sometimes we would really like to have the predictability of having “typical” days.  The Scottish poet Robert Burns pessimistically observed that “the best laid plans of mice and men / often go astray.”  But biblically, we know that “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” (Proverbs 33:11).  In other words, thank God that his planning is best!