Turkana churches

On 23 October 2011, our teammate Chad Harris took me out to worship with one of the Turkana “bush” churches.  We passed a second one on the way out.  Note the pile of hand-made palm leaf brooms beside the offering basket:  the Turkana believers work hard, but not for salaries or wages of money.  So believing women work to make these to offer to God.  The congregation can then have one of the members take them to town to sell them and use the proceeds for ministry needs.  Also note the hand-made chalk board nailed to the meeting tree:  it is used for CMF literacy work.  The Nga Turkana language is related to Maa, but not closely enough for me to have really understood anything.  But one thing I could understand:  these Turkana tribespeople are my close kin in Christ.  I wish I’d had something with me to record the singing; it was like a choir in the New Jerusalem.

(click on a thumbnail to see the full image)

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