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last revised on 26 August 2022
The Files section in the Nerdy Missiology Majors group is continuing to grow, especially as more members are actively contributing to share-an-article Fridays. The last time I edited the old bibliography, the Algorithm decided that I must be spamming and blocked the post. I don’t know what Meta does with its billions of dollars, but it doesn’t use it to hire actual people to review its Algorithm’s mistakes. I tried posting again, but the Algorithm doesn’t like the fact that I’ve included so many links, even though all of the links are to group posts (!). This is so frustrating.
Anyway, here’s a new bibliography of what’s been shared in the group so far. There are currently 96 files (94 articles or chapters, 1 dissertation, and 1 book, if my count is right) and seven of our group members are represented.
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    (link is to entire issue)
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    (yes, this is to an entire book)
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    (link is to entire issue)
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    (link is to entire issue)
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    (link is to entire issue)
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