African Christian History

African Christian History
(I’ll keep this updated as I acquire additional texts. Scroll down for citation for cover art.)

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In addition to being edited by an African theologian / historian of Christianity, these chapters are specific to African Christianity:
• 6. Kevin Ward, “Christianity, Revival and the Rwandan Genocide,” 103-119.
• 7. Philomena Njeri Mwaura, “A Spirituality of Resistance and Hope: African Instituted Churches’ Response to Poverty,” 120-134.
• 8. Gay L. Byron, “Redrawing the Boundaries of Early Christianity: The Case of the Axumite Empire and its Sources,” 135-141.
• 9. J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu, “‘Touch Not the Lord’s Anointed’: Leadership in Ghana’s New Charismatic Communities,” 142-157.
• 10. Elias K. Bongmba, “Visions and Dreams in an African Initiated Church,” 158-176.
• 11. Deidre Helen Crumbley, “On Both Sides of the Atlantic: Independent Church Movements (ICMs) in Africa and the African Diaspora,” 177-205.
• 15. Yushau Sodiq, “Muslims and Christians in Yorubaland: Unavoidable Neighbors,” 269-287.

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chapters include:
• 1: Kalu, Ogbu U. “A Trail of Ferment in African Christianity: Ethiopianism, Prophetism, Pentecostalism,” 19-40.
• 2: Ward, Kevin. “African identities in the historic ‘Mainline Churches’: A case study of the negotiation of local and global within African Anglicanism,” 50-62.
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(hardback; paperback edition published in 2013)
chapters include:
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other notable contributors include: John Mary Waliggo, Terence Ranger, J. D. Y. Peel, Kevin Ward, et al.

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[Note: Several chapters are specific to the stories of African Christianity. My paper copy is signed by Andrew Walls.]

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[Note: This is Christianity Today’s 1997 book of the year for its category. My paper copy is signed by Andrew Walls. Several chapters are specific to the stories of African Christianity.]

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(This obviously covers geographies in addition to Africa, but includes Africa.)



The cover art is a photograph of the ceiling of the dome of Abuna Yem’ata Guh (ኣቡና የማታ ጉሕ), a 6th century monolithic hewn church building in Hawzen, Tigray, Ethiopia.
(photo credit: Max Bearak of the Washington Post)