Nasaru Lenkumumua (Kajiado)

9 February 2015

Nasaru Lenkumumua is home to one of our CCC churches and of our friend Daniel Tuke, a Maasai pastor, missionary, and church planter.  The congregation is pleased with their new building (a small but permanent structure of stone), but I forgot to take a picture of the building.  The location is about midway between our training center in Ng’atataek and Namanga on the border with Tanzania.  The Maasai name for the Namanga mountain is Oldoinyo Orok, the Black Mountain.  (I want to climb it!)

On Shalviah’s two week birthday, we went down as a family to visit with Daniel Tuke, who is also the key leader with whom we are planning the opening of the Kajiado Bible Training Institute.  We ate well and learned the state of our churches on that side and discussed the best ways for us to come alongside the churches this year.  Here are a few pictures.

Click the thumbnails to see the full photographs.


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