Maasai Literature

Henry R. ole Kulet is a Maasai novelist. Writing in English, he brings alive both traditional Maasai culture and the intersection of those traditions with the pressures of both colonialism and globalization. He is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the Maasai; even other Maasai say that he helps them to more fully understand their own culture. Each of these books have been published by Longhorn Publishers in Nairobi, Kenya.

Bandits of Kibi. 1999.

Blossoms of the Savannah. 2008.

Daughter of Maa. 1990.

The Elephant Dance. 2016.

The Hunter. 1985.

Is It Possible? 1971.

Moran No More. 1990.

To Become A Man. 1972.

Vanishing Herds. 2011.