Celebrating 2013

2013 was a good year for our churches in Kenya.  December was a particularly good month.  In the Narok Central Cluster of churches alone, there were 3 new church plants plus a fourth that is still underway.  On 29 December, 48 new believers were immersed into Jesus within those four congregations.  And in the Mara North Cluster, there were 78 baptisms in December.  I’ve chosen to share the news from these two clusters because we lived in the Mara North area our first term, and in Narok for the first part of our second term.

Do you want to read more?  Read the update or see more pictures here.

One thought on “Celebrating 2013

  1. Wow. Haven’t seen any reports like that from American churches, sad to say. The work done by the early missionaries to the Maasai, and supplemented by those like the Barrons who have continued and reinforced the early teachings, seem to be bearing much fruit. Which is as it is promised in God’s Word: Isaiah 55:11. All praise to God who reigns!

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