166 and counting …

As of last month, there are one hundred and sixty-six CCC congregations in Kenya.  (These include missionary-planted churches together with their daughter and granddaughter churches).  While concentrated among the Maasai and Turkana, these congregations are spread across 9 regional districts and represent at least seven tribes in addition to the Maasai and Turkana among whom CMF began our church planting ministries.

They are organized into 27 geographical clusters for mutual support and cooperation. This number does NOT include many teaching and preaching points.  It also does not yet include congregations which Turkana missionaries are striving to plant in unreached areas of the Turkana desert.  It DOES include four congregations inside of Tanzania, which have been planted by churches in a cluster adjacent to the border.  (Maasai land is artificially divided by the Kenya-Tanzania border.)

Praised be to our Lord for these many Kenyan co-ministers of reconciliation with Christ Jesus!


[These churches are known as “CCC” or “Community Christian Church.”]

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