East Africa Drought & Famine

“The worst drought in East Africa in 60 years …”

Back in 1979, Jan Voshaar observed that due to the forced redistribution of land in the early 1900s “in some dry areas there is no longer question of any grazing system.  If the weather is good, there is grazing, if not, there is drought and cattle die” (Tracing God’s Walking Stick in Maa, pp 47-48).  The pressures of increasing populations and deforestation over the past 32 years have only made this worse.  When the rains come, the land can be green.  When the rains fail … well, just watch the news.

In Kenya, the northwest and the northeast have been particularly hard hit.  The northeast is home to the Rendille people, among whom some of our congregations are hoping to plant new churches.  (A Rendille man has come to Christ in one of the CCC congregations in Nairobi.  He loves his people and wants to share Jesus with them).

Of course northwest Kenya is mostly Turkana Land, where there are many CCC churches and a faithful CMF presence.

Our CMF teammates note the devastating effects of the famine in Turkana

Drought affecting the Nairobi slums

CMF’s Famine Relief efforts in Turkana

Give to help CMF’s famine relief efforts in Turkana

For other possible updates on how the drought is affecting CMF’s work, go to cmfi.org and enter “famine” in the search bar.

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