2011 church growth

In 2011, there were 38 new churches planted in the CCC.

There were 23 congregations planted in Maasai land (including two, I believe, in a tribally mixed area).
There were 13 congregations in Turkana land.
There was 1 new congregation planted in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.
There was 1 new congregation planted in Samburu land.

The growth in Turkana land is particularly encouraging.  In addition to the 13 new churches, there were baptisms of 1,026 new Turkana believers.

Meisisi Olaitoriani!  Kuperoi Ekapolon!  Bwana Safiwe!
(“May the Lord be praised / Praise the Lord” in Maa, Nga Turkana, Kiswahili)

One of thirteen baptisms in March 2011, part of a new church plant in Changamwe, just outside Mombasa on the coast; pictured are pastor Moses, new believer Rana, and our teammate Joe Cluff


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